Thursday, October 1, 2009

Why Is Organic Makeup Better than Traditional Makeup?

by Lilina

Women like to wear makeup because it makes their skin look smoother and can give them a glow even when they're blotchy and tired.

The best makeup is also good for your skin, contributing something rather than just covering over flaws. It lubricates and provides protection from the elements of weather and sun.

Traditional makeup was developed only for the purpose of appearance. Whatever needs to be in there to look good is what's added. And it may not even look good on your face! Women are notorious for shopping around a drug store and picking up a basket of cosmetics that basically look good in the package or were well advertised in magazines and on television.

The chemicals and artificial ingredients found in many cosmetics are not usually good for your skin. They may cover up some blemishes or provide a unified color, but your skin is no better for wearing it and may even suffer consequences like blocked pores or absorption of toxic substances.

Organic makeup has been devised to deal with the organic you. You are one unified body and mind together. Your skin cells reproduce and are shed naturally. Organic makeup contains natural substances that your skin needs. It has vitamins and minerals to enrich your skin, both topically and internally as it is absorbed so that your body suffers no ill effects from wearing the cosmetic.

If you want to do the best for your skin as you apply makeup to your face, look for natural, organic cosmetics that don't just cover up flaws but help prevent future damage.

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